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From Logo

noun, plural logos.
Also called logotype. a graphic representation or symbol of a company name, trademark, abbreviation, etc., often uniquely designed for ready recognition.

Your logo is but one piece of your brand. It is meant to convey, quickly, the essence of the whole of your brand. It should be a symbol that your loyal customers can easily recognize and one that calls to mind all the wonderful aspects of your brand.

Whether you are a new business just starting, or a business with a legacy, I would love to work with you to ensure your mark matches the brand that you are looking to or have already established. We can partner together to revitalize an existing logo, or we can craft something altogether new that better fits your business and its future.

Content with your logo, but unsure of your brand? I think Seth Godin puts it best. To quote, “But your brand is a story, a set of emotions and expectations and a stand-in for how we think and feel about what you do.” If you are unsure of your brand and how your customers perceive you, let’s start the conversation and see what steps can be taken to solidify an existing brand, or begin the work of crafting a new brand.

Print Design

Have you read a newspaper lately? Or perhaps you’ve picked up a magazine at the local grocery store. Maybe you are planning a trip and ordered a visitor’s guide to know what you should expect.

In a world that has quickly gone digital, print design remains a very important medium. In addition to branding and identity, Letter T Graphics specializes in Print Design. With 13 years of experience, Letter T Graphics can help with your newspaper ad, magazine ad, event flyer, concert poster, business card, letterhead, annual reports, and more.

Don’t settle for 15 minutes in Microsoft Word. Let your print pieces tell the same story that your online presence does. Professional, eye-catching, effective print design is what we are all about.

Web Graphics & Social Media

Your brand has an audience, many of whom live socially connected online. You need to reach them and engage with them. Your story needs to be told on social media through various channels. Don’t settle for regurgitated graphics someone else thought of first.

Letter T Graphics can help you craft brand specific, engaging, though provoking social media graphics, formatted specifically for social media channels for maximum effectiveness. Don’t let blurry memes, fuzzy for sale ads, or oddly cropped photos overshadow your business online. Don’t become the meme.

Letter T Graphics is here to make sure your brand presence is bold, honest, and stands out among the crowded social media space. Let’s have a conversation about your needs and make sure your business stands above the crowd online.

Web Design

The world has moved digital and while it seems social media has taken over, it does not mean you should abandon your website – nor should you skip a website and rely solely on social media.

With a business website, you control the space. It is your message, your content, and your space to interact with your customers. It’s all too easy to get lost in the flow on social media. With a website, you can have a much more intimate interaction with customers – those who are your brand loyalists, as well as those that are detractors.

Let’s talk about how we can update your web presence to be mobile ready, easy to maintain, and secure from attack. Whether you are starting over from scratch, or started a website but become too busy in the daily operations of your business to see it through to completion, I can help you get back online and up-to-date so your customers know where, when, and how to contact you.


I will be the first to admit, “I can’t do everything.” But I love the world of technology and design. It’s a world I feel confident in being able to help you navigate. Are you looking for a big marketing firm to handle your business? Do you need a full ecommerce website with customer database integration and a standalone app? Do you need someone to handle all of your social media, email marketing lists, and do copy writing for your new website?

If I can’t do it, I may know someone who can. If I don’t, I can certainly help you navigate the endless options available via the web to find the right solution to your question. With 14 years of professional design experience, I can help you ask better questions and dig deeper than the surface to make sure your business is in good hands for its next project.

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