Sport of Liberty DVD Packaging

Sport of Liberty

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The Sport of Liberty featuring Kalley Krickeberg is an equestrian, home education DVD. The task was to create a unique package design to serve two purposes – it needed to hold 4 discs with room for DVD content summaries and cross into a sports-oriented market through its visual design. I worked with Green Solutions of Fort Lauderdale Florida to create …

HPLD Ad for UCCC Two Man Group Program

UCCC Program Ads

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As a proud member of Greeley, CO, and the surrounding communities, High Plains Library District takes an active interest in community events. The Union Colony Civic center is northern Colorado’s premier performing arts venue and is proudly owned and operated by the City of Greeley. Each event season, they produce a program guide. “With over 100 events held per year, …

Summitview Community Church


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Helping a business develop or renew their brand can be quite challenging. Helping a church to do the same may be even more so. How does one brand a Christian church without being overly cliché and using the expected symbols? That was the challenge presented when I was fortunate enough to help Summitview Community Church in Greeley, Colorado come up …

San Juan Outfitting

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San Juan Outfitting is a local Pagosa Springs based outfitter. The business started in 1979 and after a very successful run, it was purchased by Justin and Mary Adkisson in 2013. They have continued to build on a solid reputation of quality service and great hunting, fishing, and guided tours. When they took over the business, they looked to give …

Pagosa Valor

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It’s not every day that one gets to design the branding and identity for a school. Schools don’t change much. In small towns it’s even more rare for a new school to start. Enter Pagosa Valor Academy. Pagosa Valor is a University Model Christian School founded in 2013. As an entirely new entity, they needed a full brand identity to …